In the interview, both give insights into their first two months as team members. Have fun reading!

The 2021 season is just around the corner, how are you doing?

Fabian: I got through the winter very well this year, even the long units in the cold I could always complete well. Due to the fact that our TL in Mallorca is cancelled because of Corona, I was in Nuremberg last weekend with the Bavarian national squad to collect GA kilometers together. Next week I will be together with the national team to do the last fine tuning before the first races.

Florian: The season preparation is going very well so far.

After the cross season in Germany unfortunately ended earlier than planned, I rather concentrated on basic units and compensatory sports like cross-country skiing again.

Due to the situation I could not include a training camp this year, but now I will do a small training block in Italy, combined with two race participations.

Since January this year you have been part of the GTR team. How were the first two months in the new team so far?

Fabian: Even though a team meeting in the classic sense was not possible, I was able to get a first impression of the other riders and am already excited about the chemistry in the team.

Florian: The team has accepted me very well within the current possibilities. Unfortunately, it was not yet possible to meet all the drivers live, but you know many faces from the one or other, of course fair, fights on the track or the conversations next to it. Then, of course, there are also many strong sponsors on our side, who equip us with top material, on which I have now already reeled off some kilometers.

2020 was a very good year for you. Despite the pandemic, you were able to achieve good results with the highlight being the DM in Obergessertshausen. Tell us a little bit about that.

Fabian: After I had two very hard weeks with the European Championships and the World Championships before the DM, I wanted to top the season with a great result. The muddy conditions suited me very well and I was able to reward myself with a medal in the end.

Florian: The year 2020 was not easy in terms of planning. At the beginning, I used the free time as sensibly as possible for long units and tours that I probably wouldn't have done in a normal season. At some point, however, I no longer knew exactly which events I should focus my training on.

I did ride a few races over the summer, some of them were in good shape - others not so good. At the highlight, the DM in autumn, the form was there and I was able to ride a good race in the mud of Obergessertshausen. With the 6th place I reached my goal (top 10) and just missed my wish (5th place).

Now the new year is coming up, you are in a new team. How did this come about?

Fabian: After the DM last year, I had completely unexpectedly received a message from Sam via Instagram. Of course, I already knew the team very well and was immediately enthusiastic. Also after the first conversations via video call, my first impression was confirmed and then I finally accepted.

Florian: I was looking for a German mountain bike team that ambitiously participates in the Bundesliga and Central European UCI races. Of course, you immediately come across German Technology Racing. The contact was super nice right away and the ideas and the goals of the team fit perfectly with my ambitions.

How did you perceive the team in the past?

Fabian: GTR has been one of the best and most well-known teams in Germany for years and was therefore already known to me. I also noticed the team early on due to its large presence at the races and not least on social media. All the happier I am now to drive for such a team.

Florian: I have always known GTR to be very successful and broadly positioned in different age groups. The appearance is always professional, but still the fun of the sport is in the foreground.

Do you feel comfortable? Is this how you imagined it in the team?

Fabian: I definitely feel very comfortable. I really like the whole philosophy behind the team and everyone I've met so far is always nice and happy.

Florian: Yes and yes.

Florian, you are going into your last year in the U23, do you have certain goals defined for this year?

Florian: My goals are clearly top 5 results in the Bundesliga overall standings and at the German Championships in XC.

In addition, I would like to compete in individual World Cups.

Fabian, you are coming into the older age group of juniors after a very good year in 2020. What are your goals for the new season?

Fabian: First and foremost, I want to assert myself on a national level. Furthermore, it would of course be cool to repeat or even top my results at the World Championships, European Championships and German Championships from last year.

Complete the sentence in your own words. I am looking forward to the new season 2021, because...

Fabian: ..hopefully it will start again soon without Corona restriction in the racing circus.

Florian: ...I feel perfectly prepared for the upcoming races with the tailwind from the team.

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