German Technology Racing Team 2021

Team GTR 2021 is starting out with a much younger team. Florian Hamm, Fabian Eder, Lukas Ittenbach, Nils Schmidt, Johanna Theobald and Ronja Theobald are new members of the Untermünkheim team.

v.l.n.r. Florian Hamm, Luis Neff, Noah Neff, Lars Gräter, Fabian Eder, Sven Strähle, Johanna Theobald, Lukas Ittenbach, Tim Feinauer, Nils Schmidt, Ronja Theobald, Janine Schneider

After it became clear that some athletes will leave the GTR team at the end of 2020, team manager Sam Weber started looking for potential newcomers. The philosophy of the team, to form a platform for young German athletes, should play a major role. For a long time, such as the complete U23 time of Lia Schrievers or Tim Feinauer, there was little change.

"The team has grown together, we had a great time, many successes that make us the team we are today. After some riders from the team leave the professional mountain bike sport because of upcoming changes in their professional life, other athletes have outgrown the U23 years and are looking for new challenges in UCI teams, a rejuvenation was now necessary," says Sam Weber.

back to the roots

Florian Hamm and Fabian Eder from Upper Bavaria switch to GTR

Florian Hamm | U23

With Florian Hamm and Fabian Eder, the team was able to secure two successful young riders. Hamm is entering his fourth and thus last U23 year. At the German Championship 2020 in Obergessertshausen he could convince as sixth place.

Eder changes from the KTM Youngster Team to GTR. He moves up to the second year of the junior class, where he will compete together with Lars Gräter. Eder could convince in his first year in the Juniors 2020.

Fabian Eder | U19

At the DM he finished third in the sprint finish and was also successful internationally. The highlight was his participation in the World Championships and the European Championships, where he finished in the top 25 in both events at the first attempt. In 2021, he is also part of the national junior squad and wants to continue to develop.

"We are happy that these successful young German riders have found their way to us and are looking forward to the season together and beyond," said Weber!

Theobald sisters complete junior team

Ronja Theobald | U17, Johanna Theobald | U19

The two sisters Ronja and Johanna Theobald will also pedal for the GTR team this year. Johanna is entering her second year in the juniors, where she will be aiming for the top places.

Ronja rides this year in her second year in the U17 and wants to recommend herself for the BDR squad of juniors for 2022. After Lia Schrievers, the team could win with the two sisters, again strong ladies.

We look forward to the future together!

Lukas Ittenbach and Nils Schmidt complete the team

Lukas Ittenbach | U23

Lukas Ittenbach and Nils Schmidt are the last two new additions to the German Technology Racing Team for 2021. Both have been racing successfully for several years and want to take the next step in their career together with the GTR team.

Lukas comes into his second year in the U23 and complements our U23 team team team, he will also complement the marathon and stage team and so the team is still at the start in several disciplines throughout the year.

Nils Schmidt | U17

International assignments in Iceland, Africa or overseas are targeted.

Nils Schmidt is at home in the U17s, where he fights in the older age group, like Ronja, for a place in the BDR squad for the U19s in 2022.

"It's great that we can now be part of the younger age groups again," comments the management.

In the spirit of our sustainable journey, we look forward to continuing to work with our existing drivers Luis Neff, Sven Straehle, Tim Feinauer, Noah Neff, Janine Schneider and Lars Gräter, wish the newcomers a good and quick acclimatization and above all, much success in the team!

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