Great news for the GTR team. antidot-bikecare becomes new sponsor of the German Technology Racing Team and plans a long term support of the Untermünkheimer Equipe.

Antidot wird neuer Sponsor des GTR-Teams

antidot simply means: antidote. Against dirt, against dust, against salt. Simply against everything that could harm the bikes. Less wear - less time in the workshop. But more on the bike.

In addition, the products of the Duisburg start-up company are 100% biodegradable. With more than 50 years of experience, antidot, brand of the Bremer & Leguil company, the experts for lubricants, cleaners and corrosion protection, knows what matters.

Antidot is the first bikecare company to use proven 100% biodegradable ingredients and up to 90% renewable raw materials for the manufacture of your products.

A very fundamental point for the cooperation with the German Technology Racing Team was that antidot is "100% Made in Germany". This fits perfectly with the philosophy of the MTB team led by Sam Weber, which relies on cooperation with mainly German partners.

"As a young start-up, we know how difficult it is to get support. That's why we have young and authentic talents in mind when selecting antidot brand ambassadors. With the German Technology Racing Team we have found exactly that and their experience with our products will bring our development another big step forward. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation in the coming years!" says Patric Edel, Project Manager of antidot-bikecare.

"I am very proud that we could win with Antidot a new partner for bike care. From the beginning you could tell that they stand 100% behind their products and work with passion for cycling. Now I'm looking forward to working with them and hope that we can help Antidot take their products and bike care to the next level," said Sam Weber, Team Manager of the GTR team.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!

Go to the antidot-bikecare website:

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