The Ötztaler Mountain Bike Festival is known by many riders around the world, especially because of the challenging course, which is very natural. Fabian Eder started in the second race of the UCI Junior Series while Florian Hamm tests his form in the U23 race.

Florian Hamm während dem U23 Rennen in Haiming

Fabian Eder and Florian Hamm were at the start for the GTR team at the Ötztaler Mountainbike Festival in Heiming. On a super technical course it was a matter of full concentration on the ideal line, every smallest mistake can be here due to stone fields or the many root carpets to the doom and a flat tire or another technical defect challenge.

Already on Saturday, April 17 at 3 p.m. it went for our Junior Fabian Eder on the track. The race is also part of the UCI Junior Series and so riders from all over the world came to Austria. For many from overseas this was the first race in Europe and so the situation was clear, full throttle from the start. After the successful race a week earlier in Nals, Fabian was confident that he can again land in the top 10 if everything goes smoothly.

Am Start ganz vorne - Fabian Eder

"The legs are good, the track is in optimal condition and I am looking forward to the race." reads the message to team manager Sam Weber before the race. After the starting signal, he was able to work his way forward well from his starting position of 15th and was even in 6th place just behind the leading riders in the meantime. However, the bad news came in the middle of the second lap. Lying in the top 10 Fabian Eder then lost air from the rear tire and could not continue. To make matters worse, this happened at the furthest point of the track and so it was just a matter of running for all it was worth. Fabian Eder was able to resume the race in position 60, but unfortunately all chances for a better result were gone. Due to the crash, the rear derailleur was also slightly damaged and so the Tögginger then also had switching problems. In the end, he finished in a disappointing 52nd place. "The legs were great today and would have allowed a good result. Unfortunately, I may have made a small mistake, which was enough to lose air from the rear tire. That's life in racing and hopefully the next races will go better again. Next one please!", Fabian Eder sums up the race in Haiming.

Florian Hamm started the next day in the U23 race, which was also very well and internationally occupied. From starting position 50, Florian Hamm had to fight his way through the starting field for the first time. Unfortunately, he did not succeed as hoped and was therefore repeatedly involved in minor crashes or traffic jams during the first laps. In the end, he finished in 47th place, which did not meet his expectations at all. "Somehow I didn't find my way into the race today and due to all the obstructions and stops in the first laps I lost the rhythm. I have to live with that now." said Florian Hamm at the finish.

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